The Muse

Muse n. /myo═×oz/  - a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.

It took the longest time to get my friend Binki behind the lens. She has "that look" that I have been searching for. Together we are forming a partnership where I get to be her photographer and she will be my muse. Enjoy. 

Til Next Time....

About a month ago I met this black girl with an English accent. She gave me her instagram name and I soon found out the whole " English accent" was a fake. I ran into her a second time. She remembered me, I shook my head and she laughed. Turns out she knew a bunch of my homies. This pass weekend was her going away party and I managed take a few photos. If you see her walking the streets of NY watch out, she might trick you too. Good meeting you DaSonya.

Richmond VA - River Walk

Yesterday I took a trip to Richmond Virginia and got a chance to hang out with Prentice Carroll, Rob Milton, and my brother Mike Washington. Anytime I'm in Richmond I always stop by City Dogs for some of the best gourmet hotdogs. Not only did I get my fix but I was also introduced to a place called 821 Cafe. They have an amazing Brunch. Period. Wanted to knock some dust off the 7d so we took a walk. Enjoy.